Greetings Cards


The cards measure 165 x 165 mm, suitable for Royal Mail standard letter size, they are left blank inside for your own message

£2.50 each


 GC0817 Keep Calm And Yoga On  GC0943 I Don't Exercise  GC0595 Bloody Handbag  GC0684 I keep Pressing Escape, But i'm Still Here
 GC0589 Wine Is Proof GC0916 We're Still Hot   GC0680 Relax Aerobics  GC0601 Hrt Has Alot To Answer For!!
 GC0776 Jacuzzi Party  GC0212 Growing Old Disgracefully  GC0833 I'm A Celebrity  GC0369 It's Okay It's Organic
 GC0912 Age Improves (Ladies)  GC0912 Carrot Cake  GC0818 Too Far Away  GC0594 You Don't Look A Day Over Fabulous
 GC0823 Skinny Mocha Cappiccino  GC0944 Great Friends  GC0821 Nothing To Wear  GC0938 I Could Agree
 GC0945 Risk Assessment   GC0954 Me Or The Cat  GC0824 What's My Flippin' Password  GC0831 Read The Instructions
 GC0951 Age Improves (Men)  GC0949 Young At Heart  GC0809 Going Downhill Fast  GC0580 Britains Got Talent
 GC0827 How Many Roads?  GC0584 What Midlife Crisis?  GC0948 It's All Downhill  GC0599 The Laptop
 GC0847 Feathered Friends  GC0643 The Girls  GC0488 Absolutely Quackers   GC0663 Should Have Gone To Specsavers
 GC0862 Under The Weather  GC0932 Anniversary Bouqet  GC0711 Oh No, A Grey hair  GC0710 Bad Hair Day
 GC0138 Scottie  GC0405 Jack  GC0921 I Regret Nothing  GC0964 Sunny
 GC0667 Marge  GC0898 Hip Hip Hoorah!    
 GC0974 A Little Note  GC0990 Home Tweet Home  GC0879 Flutterby Thank You  GC0972 Happiness is Homemade 
 GC0 969 World Is Your oyster  GC0968 Good Times  GC0896 Champagne Celebration  GC0975 One In a Million
 GC0887 Happy Birthday To You  GC0784 Perfect House  GC0760 Anniversary kiss  GC0886 Birthday Tweet
 GC0935 Lenten Rose  GC0995 Thinking Of You  GC0786 The Woods  GC0551 Just to Say